About the Challenge 

Dear Fellow Ashevillians,

Every day, more than 77,000 of us go to a place of work in Asheville. Many spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. As a result, our workplaces are more than just economic drivers – they are critical in shaping how we live and the impact we have on our community.

Since 2007, the City of Asheville has been doing its part to cut carbon emissions and improve the environmental performance of its municipal operations. From alternative fuel vehicles to LED street lights, from single stream recycling to multimodal transportation improvements, the City has modeled the way toward a clean energy future.

Through the Asheville Workplace Challenge, I am asking businesses and organizations throughout Asheville and Buncombe County to step up and show just how big an impact they can make on the livability of our community. This year we begin with the Green component of the challenge, where we can show what we are doing to conserve energy, water and resources in the workplace. In subsequent years we will expand the challenge to include Health and Community Involvement scorecards.

I want us all to set the bar high, and I am looking forward to recognizing the organizations that take this challenge to show that they can move Asheville toward a greener and brighter future.

- Mayor Esther Manheimer


Getting Started

Before you begin, please review our Challenge Details section to learn more specifics about the Asheville Workplace Challenge.

  1. Click “register” on one of the workplace challenge pages. Register here.
  2. Complete the registration form. 
  3. Click “submit” and a confirmation email will be delivered to you. 
  4. You will now be able to view your personal Dashboard. 
  5. Select the "Green" scoreboard challenge and Click "Go".
  6. Fill out your organization's scorecard with your current accomplishments. 
  7. Click "Save Form" and then you will return to your Dashboard. 
  8. Log-out.
  1. Sign-in and access your scorecard you would like to update. There are new questions at the end of each scorecard that can improve your business' score to attain either the Gold or Platinum levels. If you are a new business, simply register and access the Green scorecard.
  2. Update the scorecard and receive a new tentative score.   
  3. Click “submit” and receive a confirmation email.

Once your scorecard has been submitted, you will have the opportunity to update it regularly throughout the year. We recommend updating your scorecard following any creditable action while it is fresh on your mind but you may update it at any time. All participants will be notified to update their card prior to an awards ceremony.  

The First Annual Asheville Workplace Challenge Awards Ceremony was held in July, 2017. The next Workplace Challenge is to be determined. As a challenge participant, you will receive an invitation to the awards ceremony.




HANNAH EGAN       (828) 254-1995     Hannah@greenbuilt.org